Refugee Women and Children, UNHCR 2005
Photography for UNDP 2004
Photographs from UNDP 2004
Photographs from UNDP 2004
Photographs for UNDP 2004

Please read The Virtues of Sin the first of hopefully more reviews of my book. This one by Gabrielle Low is balanced and well-thought out. Am pleased that she managed to capture many of the nuances expressed in the book.

Sharing Space – Contemporary Photography of Malaysia + Japan

This series of images ” Dear Lord, I think I am going to die” explores the space and context in which my mother spent her last weeks before she died of cancer. In the space and confines of my home,…

The Book of Sins is out!

Finally the book is out. It was launched at the ‘readings’ on 26th January at 67tempinis satu. It’s retailing at RM 24 and should be available in fine bookstores in Malaysia by the end of February. I am relieved that…

the word is supreme above all the word is precious token of the sages the word is held carressed, eaten consumated, exhumed regurgitated the word is not God it is human

the synergy of dreams lacks nothing as we are poised on the brink of sudden abysses plunging into red depths, emerging from many births dreaming through lifetimes eating of roses dark wood cactuses we emerge like angels from centuries of…